Egypt A Dictatorship Again


YNet News:
“Morsi is now the head of the executive branch, he appoints and dissolves governments in Egypt, and he is also the legislative branch in the absence of a parliament and due to his ability to enact any law he wants. He is also in charge of foreign policy, domestic policy, security, economy and more.”

He finalizes international agreements, interprets the constitution, and has the power to appoint a task force that will draft a new constitution. And so, after a year and a half of semi-anarchy, Egypt is once again a country ruled by one person – a dictatorship. But the current dictatorship is even harsher than Mubarak’s, whose decisions were reached together with parliament, political parties and the courts. Here we are talking about one man who controls everything.”

So Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s dictator for 30 years, must evoke a distant, yet bittersweet memory compared to this guy…
If ever the expression from the frying pan to the fire was more fitting, I cannot think of it.

The Obama administration has supported the Muslim Brotherhood since inviting them to the Cairo speech in 2009. But the bigger point is that Egypt is lining up precisely as the prophets Asaph, Isaiah and Daniel said they would:

Asaph, Psalm 83:4-8 places Egypt (Hagarenes) with 9 additional Arab nations in a last days’ war with Israel.

Isaiah 19:4 prophesies that Judgment will come to Egypt as the Lord gives them “into the hand of a cruel master And a fierce king will rule over them.

Daniel 11:40 prophesies Egypt as the King of the South in the final war of Armageddon, leading to the return of Jesus Christ.