God Answers Prayer


SUNDAY POST: God Answers Prayer

The Christian Legal Society is a non-denominational Christian membership association of lawyers, judges, law professors, law students, and other associates who trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and who proclaim the Word of God and practice Christian principles.

Brady Tarr, Attorney Ministries Coordinator of the Christian Legal Society, wrote today’s devotional titled “God Answers Every Prayer of a Christian”. (Click on the blue headline link above to read)

Do you sometimes think that God isn’t listening when your prayers aren’t answered? Do you think that your request is not important enough or that, maybe, God doesn’t want to give you this particular blessing? I think that when our specific requests are not answered it’s because God has a plan that He is unfolding for us, and it always has to do with giving Him the glory.

GLORY: adoration, blessing, brightness, brilliance, eminence, excellence, grandeur, gratitude, honor, magnificence, praise,  radiance, splendor, veneration, worship… need I say more? Who else encompasses all of these attributes, and many more? There  is only One who is worthy.

Satan robbed God of His glory when he lured Adam and Eve into sin. Since then, Satan has been turning our hearts away from God. Whenever we deny, disobey, and reject God and His sinless Son, Jesus the Christ, we diminish God and rob Him of the glory due Him. Whenever we put someone or something foremost in our lives, we are robbing God of His glory.

God, in His mercy, gave us the plan to reconcile humanity back to His standards. As saved sinners, our lives are meant to reflect His glory, and point it back to Him as the Source of all glory.