Al Gore Agrees to Sell Channel to Al Jazeera


The Blaze: “Seeking to expand its presence in American television, al-Jazeera, the Qatar-owned news network, has agreed to buy Al Gore’s low-rated Current TV, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The multimillion dollar deal came after Current rebuffed The Blaze when it approached the network about buying the channel last year. According to a source close to the negotiations, officials at The Blaze were told that “the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view.”

Opinion: Seven years after then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called the broadcaster’s reporting “vicious, inaccurate and  inexcusable” and President George W. Bush joked about bombing it, Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton praised it as “real news” in her recent Senate testimony. She said that if Americans want to get REAL news, the best source is  — al Jazeera!

“The Secretary’s staff, together with those of the CIA and Obama White House attended the Congressional Correspondents Dinner as al Jazeera’s guests! When one walks through the State Department, says Tony Burman, Al Jazeera English’s chief strategic adviser for the Americas; “you see it [al Jazeera] on virtually every TV and computer.

According to the equally far left New York Times: “For Al Jazeera, which is financed by the government of Qatar, the acquisition is a coming of age moment. A decade ago, Al Jazeera’s flagship Arabic-language channel was reviled by American politicians for showing videotapes from Al Qaeda members and sympathizers. Now the news operation is buying an American channel, having convinced Mr. Gore and the other owners of Current that it has the journalistic muscle and the money to compete head-to-head with CNN and other news channels in the United States.”

I guess the $100 million payment to Al ‘I should have been president’ Gore helped with both the convincing and point of view.