Benghazi Terrorists: ‘Dr. Morsi Sent Us’


Mideast-Egypt-450x280Front Page Mag: “The terrorist attack in Benghazi is far more disturbing than previously thought. Although it has not been reported in the U.S. media, the possibility exists that the Egyptian government may have played an operational role in the attack. YouTube videos of the terrorist strike raise a serious problem that only an Arabic speaker would detect: some of the terrorists are speaking in the Egyptian dialect of the Arabic language.”

Indeed, one of the videos shot with a cell phone of one of the attackers emerged around the time four Americans were killed. It shows a mob approaching the American compound under siege, clearly telling the terrorists in the dialect of Upper Egypt: “Mahadesh, mahadesh yermi, Dr. Morsi ba`atna” — which translates to: “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us.”

Opinion: Let’s see… Morsi – Benghazi, how, oh how, could there be any connection? Oh yeah! al-Qaeda is a Muslim Brotherhood sub-group that President Obama invited to his famous apology speech in Cairo four years ago.

I wonder which one of our transparent government servants concocted the video (that no one saw) story?