Soda Stream, Israel



Israel My Glory Magazine, Steve Herzig: “How often have seen a household appliance create an international commotion. Apparently, when an Israeli company manufactures it, people become agitated.

The company is traded on NASDAQ; and the soda maker is sold in 55,000 stores – including Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Walmart, Target  and Macy’s – in 43 countries.

One of it’s factories is located in Mishor Adumim an industrial park in Ma’aleh Adumim, located less than15 minutes from West Jerusalem. Although some consider the area ‘occupied territory,’ Ma’aleh Adumim is actually located in Area C, which according to the Oslo Accords is considered “disputed territory.” The documents signed by Israel and the Palestinian Authority leave the area under Israel’s control until a final settlement can be reached.

SodaStream would seem like the last company to offend anybody. It employs 500 West Bank Palestinians, 400 Arab Israelis and 200 Israeli Jews and foreign workers (Including African refugees).”

Opinion: The interfaith boycott coalition supported by Imam Zaid Shakir sees it differently. A website created by the Muslim American Society an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood said this: “The fact that a worker goes to work every day does not indicate that it is a good thing.”

And there you go. The enemies of God’s chosen are the enemy of God. It does not matter what the Israelis say or do. To the Muslim Brotherhood, it only matters that there are no more Israelis.

Daniel 9:27 tells of a peacemaker who will arrive on the scene and confirm a peace or covenant with Israel and her enemies for 1 week. Week in Hebrew (Shabua) is 7 years. Notice the word confirm, meaning that a previously drafted peace treaty would be utilized. The 7 year Oslo Accords, with modifications, originally drafted in 1993 just might do the trick.

The peacemaker is anti-Christ and since the Church will have been raptured (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) to the Lord, there will be few left to warn an unbelieving world.