Netanyahu lashes out at EU


250px-First_century_palestineThe Times of Israel: “I expect those who really want peace and regional stability to deal with this matter [of West Bank settlements] after they solve more pressing problems in the region like the Syrian civil war and Iran’s race to get a nuclear weapon.”

“We will not accept any foreign dictates about our borders. This matter will only be determined through direct negotiation between the [two] sides” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he stated.”

Opinion: Imagine the US telling China that they should halt all construction in Shanghai. Or telling the EU to stop adding any new nations, or the US telling Russia to stop expansion of nation states. But West Bank settlements are other nations’ business, or so it seems.

Israel is the 100th smallest country and has only 1/100th of the world’s population. Modern day Israel is only 65 years old. With statistics like that, it is hard to fathom that a nation so small could make global news headlines daily.

But Israel has a long history. The land was promised to Abraham (4000 BC) and his descendants, Isaac and Jacob after him, as an everlasting covenant (Genesis 17:7-8). Since it was God who made the covenant, it can only be rescinded by Him. Nowhere in the Old or New Testaments does it say that God changed His mind.

After Isaac, the promised son of Abraham and Sarah, married Rebekkah she became pregnant with twins. The twins struggled within her and she inquired of the Lord why this was happening. The words from the Lord have reverberated throughout history and are as powerful today as the day they were spoken.

“Two nations are in your womb, Two peoples shall be separated from your body; One people shall be stronger than the other, And the older shall serve the younger” Genesis 25:23.

Those two nations, Arab (Esau) and Jew (Jacob) have been at enmity for 4000 years. Esau broke covenant with God, but Jacob followed God.

During the Babylonian captivity (6th century BC) Esau’s tribe inhabited the area of Idumea which is southern Judea or West Bank of today. That area was the home of Yasser Arafat and the current home of Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat’s deputy.

The West Bank today is the home of Esau’s descendants, the Palestinian people. The prophet Obadiah had this to say: “For violence against your brother Jacob, Shame shall cover you, And you shall be cut off forever.”

Netanyahu can lash out at the nations, but as a student of the Bible, he should know that only the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will bring in everlasting peace into the promised land, Revelation 19:11-16.