antichristIsaiah 13:19-20 “Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the glory of the Babylonians’ pride, will be overthrown by God like Sodom and Gomorrah. She will never be inhabited or lived in through all generations; no Arab will pitch his tent there, no shepherd will rest his flocks there.”

Opinion: Many Dispensational Bible scholars agree that Babylon will be the seat of the anti-Christ government and that Isaiah’s prophecy will be fulfilled at the end of the 7 year Tribulation

Jack Kinsella: “Only two cities are called ‘that great city’ in the Bible; Nineveh and Babylon.  She is a system of control over the rulers of the earth.  At the Tower of Babel, mankind united under the world’s first dictator, Nimrod.  Mankind, united outside of the will of God, is a disastrous thing to behold indeed. God knew back at the Tower of Babel, that mankind under the leadership of a single man, would have reaped apocalyptic judgment.

It was from Babylon that Daniel was given the outline of future history from the order to rebuild the Temple to the reign of the antichrist in the last days.”

Arnold Fruchtenbaum: “I personally take the Bible more literally, so I would say that Babylon would be the capital of the Antichrist. It would be both a political and economic capital. According to both Zechariah 5, as well as Revelation 18, his religious capital will be Jerusalem where he will set up his image in the Jewish Temple. Where his economic and public capital will be Babylon the city.

Mark Hitchcock: “I think the Antichrist’s End Time capital is going to be a revived city of Babylon there on the Euphrates in what’s modern-day Iraq. The reasons for that is you have the words “Babylon,” “Babylonian,” “Chaldea” — those are used about 300 times through the Bible. And, the Book of Revelation is called the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ. It is an unveiling, it is not a veiling. It seems odd to me that when you get to the very last couple chapters in the Bible all of a sudden Babylon wouldn’t mean Babylon anymore, after 300 times or so of this being stated that that’s what the word indeed refers to.”

In Revelation 17:3-6 the Apostle John was carried away in the spirit and saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.


 In 2009, the US government announced that it had invested $700k in rebuilding the ancient city. Since then, there has been little news. Questions arise from Bible prophecy students regarding the rebuilding of Babylon. If we are in the last days and the Rapture is imminent, how could Babylon be rebuilt quickly? And is there teaching in the Bible that the Tribulation or Daniel’s 70th week must immediately follow the Rapture?

1.  Jack Kelly: “The timing of the Rapture of the Church has nothing to do with the status of Babylon. While it won’t take as long as you might think for Babylon to be built into a major world center, the Rapture will take place long before the world begins to see Babylon the Great emerge on the Banks of the Euphrates.”

2. When the Lord tells us that Babylon is the seat of the anti-Christ government, believe that it will happen. Almost 2000 years passed after the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD before Israel was reborn in 1948. Church fathers had long given up on Israel’s rebirth (Isaiah 66:7-8) and developed other theories like Covenant and Replacement theologies teaching that the Church replaced Israel in God’s plan.

3. Babylon was not damaged in either Gulf War.  It is interesting to note that Babylon is listed as 1 of 26 places in the world that Google earth has blocked from view.


(Thanks to Vason who has been asking me to look into this for some time and found the blackout in Google)