Abbas minister calls for Jihad on Jerusalem



The Blaze: In a fiery speech broadcast live on Palestinian television Monday, the Palestinian minister for religious affairs called for Muslims to flock to Jerusalem to fight a holy war, or jihad. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sat front and center in the audience and joined others in applauding his minister’s speech, according to video released by a watchdog organization.

“Whoever wants resistance, whoever wants jihad, the direction for jihad is well-known and clear,” Habbash said. “Those who send young people to Syria or elsewhere to die for a misdirected cause must stop and understand that Jerusalem is still waiting. Jerusalem is the direction, Jerusalem is the address.”

“I don’t think that there is anyone who doesn’t know where jihad is supposed to take place. I don’t think that there is anyone who doesn’t know to where we should direct efforts or where to concentrate the masses,” Habbash said.

Opinion: The prophet Malachi wrote the last book of the OT. His warnings about the enemies of God were clear and precise. Malachi 1:1-5 tells us that Edom, the home of the descendants of Esau, would be called the wicked land and under the wrath of God.

It is no coincidence that the Edomites settled in the area of southern Judea (Idumea) during the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews. They are still there today except that it is now known as the West Bank.

In our upcoming book (April), we traced Esau’s descendants from his birth to the modern era in 9 anti-Christ figures. I wanted to discover if the final man of sin is predictable. We will provide an explanation for 10 words that have baffled Bible students for 2500 years:

Yet I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have hated” Malachi 1:2-3.

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