Abbas said to reject Kerry call to recognize Israel as Jewish state


Mideast-Egypt_Horo-3The Times Of Israel: “Palestinian sources told AFP that Abbas had rebuffed pressure from Kerry to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. They also said the secretary was proposing a joint Israeli-Palestinian presence to control the West Bank-Jordan border, where Israel has insisted on ongoing IDF control and Abbas has sought an international military presence.”

Opinion: What was the Prime Minister of Israel thinking when he let the latest group of 26 convicted terrorists go free to a heroes’ welcome? Netanyahu should have learned from Gaza that the Palestinians have no interest in peace with Israel, only in a Palestine free of Jews.

The threat of war to settle the matter of control of the promised land is not only  inevitable, it’s Biblical as well.

There are three wars that were prophesied to take place in the last days. The first is an Arab assault on Israel. The Psalmist Asaph (Psalm 83) never used the name al Qaeda but he did pinpoint by name each nation in the alliance. Al Qaeda’s presence is growing in 3 of the prophesied nations.

One of the nations is the ‘Tents of Edom’ (Psalm 83:6). Esau was called Edom, which means red in Hebrew, since he was born very red. Esau’s descendants were pushed out of their home in Mt Seir (southern Jordan) and settled in Judea (West Bank) during the Babylonian Captivity.

Since turning down a two-state solution in 1947 and choosing war instead, these Jordanian Edomites are denied citizenship in every ME nation except Jordan (on a limited basis). Many of them live in tents.