EU: Israel’s ‘land seizure’ threatens peace process



YNet News: “A seizure of land by Israel in the West Bank raises questions about its commitment to a two-state solution to end the conflict with the Palestinians, the European Union said in a statement on Thursday.

Echoing remarks this week by Germany, France and the United States, the EU’s foreign policy service issued a statement criticizing Israel for its appropriation of 579 acres (234 hectares) near Jericho.

“Israel’s decision … is a further step that risks undermining the viability of a future Palestinian state and therefore calls into question Israel’s commitment to a two-state solution,” the EU said in a statement.

Opinion: Can you think of any nation on earth that is not allowed to build houses for its growing population?

Israel is never going to find any peace with the uber-progressive Socialist government of the EU and Israel unless Mr. Netanyahu rolls over and gives the Palestinian henchmen whatever they want; including the right of return of 5 million Egyptian and Jordanian Arabs.

Expect the housing situation to get worse the closer we get to wars of the last days. God is calling His children home Ezekiel 39:28 and they are going to need a lot more land.

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