SUNDAY POST: Downward Spiral



Today’s Post is written by Todd Strandberg, a contributor to

Todd came upon the above images of a young woman’s arrest records.  The 10 police mug shots inspired him to write this article, for they so perfectly illustrated the destructive power of sin.

The nameless girl is said to have been a New York prostitute for 15 years.  Even though several websites feature this woman’s arrest photos, he could only find a very limited explanation of why they were compiled in this order. Her physical deterioration is said to have been caused by drug abuse and the hard life of prostitution. Todd was told by one source that she eventually died.

There are painful and damaging addictions other than alcoholism and drug addiction. There are sex, food, porn, gambling addictions, compulsive and other destructive behaviors.

This article will attempt to identify why people fall into a downward spiral and what can be done to prevent other people from falling into the same trap.

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Source: Slider