All Your Social Media Belong to the EU



Front Page Mag: “For a decade, the top search result for “EU referendum” on Google was the political blog EU Referendum. Then it was abruptly displaced by solidly pro-EU media outlets. It appeared that someone at Google had decided that search traffic should be driven to pro-EU sites. Ingrid Carlqvist, a Swedish columnist who covers, among other things, migrant violence, at Gatestone, had her Facebook account deleted after posting a video detailing migrant rapes in Sweden.

These seemingly isolated incidents fit into a larger pattern as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter helped create and signed a “code of conduct” banning hate speech. Facebook had already become notorious for its political agenda while Twitter had created a Trust and Safety Council filled with extremist left-wing groups like Feminist Frequency to censor the politically incorrect.

If A story about Islamic terrorism trends, will Facebook or Twitter be expected to promote a counter-narrative from an Islamic group? How exactly is this any different than traditional propaganda?”

Opinion: Return of the fairness doctrine in a Clinton administration is a given. Counter-narrative arguments will shut down Talk radio and bloggers like me, but worst of all, just imagine an atheist giving a counterpoint to a Christian message or sermon.

As scary as it sounds it fits the scenario found in Bible prophecy for the last days. And for those who have accepted the pardon that the blood of Christ provides it just means we are that much closer to the rapture.


Source: Slider