Trump rally lifts stocks, Wall Street at record high



Breitbart: “Wall Street hit a record high on Thursday as most world markets extended gains on hopes Donald Trump’s plan to kickstart the US economy will succeed.

Tokyo surged nearly seven percent as Asian markets caught up with a post-election rally elsewhere and European bourses mostly built on Wednesday’s upturn except for London, a touch lower after running into profit-taking.

“Financial markets have swiftly reassessed Trump’s win, embracing it with bullish gusto,” said Mike van Dulken, head of research at Accendo Markets. ”

Opinion: The Obama economy saw stagnant growth for 8 consecutive years. For comparison:

  • In eight years under Reagan GDP averaged 3.5%
  • In eight years under Obama GDP will be lucky to average 1.55%

For the first time in history GDP never hit 3% during an 8 year presidential term.

Onerous regulation, out of control spending, and a massive increase in debt will be the economic hallmark of Obama’s presidency.

It is important to remember, however, that Mr. Trump has not spent one day in office and that the US economy will have many hurdles to overcome to undue 8 years of destructive economic policies.