EU Boss: Citizens Should Not Get to Vote on Important Issues


The New American: ““I am asking EU leaders to stop with adventures like the British and Italian referendums … on domestic issues which pose a threat to the EU,” said Slovak Prime Minister and EU Council boss Robert Fico as he passed the rotating reins of the EU Council to its next leader on January 2 of 2017.

In essence, Fico was calling for citizens of European countries ensnared in the EU to lose their right to decide their own fate.”

Opinion: Had it not been for the Brexit vote in June 2016 and the election of Donald Trump in November, politicians like Robert Fico would have been in lockstep with Hillary Clinton’s dream of a hemispheric common market with open borders and open trade.

The books of Daniel and Revelation both tell us that the globalists will have their way, but the defeat of Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump suggest that first there will be an ideological battle between globalism and nationalism.

One event could change the calculus; a massive Mid East war and the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17.

Our job is to watch for clues.