Jordan warns of ‘catastrophic’ repercussions to Trump plan to move US embassy to Jerusalem


ABC News: “Jordan, Information Minister Mohammed Momani said, addressing the issue publicly for the first time. An embassy move would be a “red line” for Jordan, would “inflame the Islamic and Arab streets” and serve as a “gift to extremists”.

He added Jordan would use all possible political and diplomatic means to try and prevent such a decision.”

Opinion: Israel and Jordan have had official diplomatic relations since the 1994 with the signing of the IsraelJordan peace treaty.

Jordan acts as caretaker for the Temple Mount, home to Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock, the most contested piece of real estate in the world. Israel tried to convince Jordan from joining Egypt and Syria in the 1967 war but Jordan joined in anyway and was defeated.

On Saturday June 17, 1967, shortly after the end of the Six Day War, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque for a historic meeting. In a gesture of good will, Dayan sat down on the prayer carpet with five leaders of the Supreme Muslim Council (the Waqf) of what had been Jordanian-controlled Jerusalem. That discussion fixed Israel’s policy regarding the Temple Mount, a policy that remains unchanged to this day.

Dayan, a secular Jew, had ordered the Israeli flag removed from on top of the Dome of the Rock on the afternoon of the Old City’s liberation. His discussion with the Muslims led to further concessions. The administrative control over the Temple Mount was to be the sole responsibility of the Supreme Muslim Council – the (Jordanian) Waqf. Though the Jews would be permitted free access to the Mount, prayer by Jews was prohibited. Dayan refused to permit any Jewish identification with Judaism’s holiest site. To him, the Temple Mount held only historic interest.

Had Israel retained control over Jerusalem in 1967, the times of the Gentiles (Luke 21:24) would have ended. But it was not the appointed time. That time will come when Jesus returns.

Since the end of the 67 war, a tentative peace between the two nations has held.

The interesting thing about the red line threat from Jordan over the US embassy, is that Jordan is mentioned three times in the prophesied war of Psalm 83:6-7 – the sons of Lot.

  • Edom – Southern Jordan /Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza today
  • Moab – Central Jordan
  • Ammon – Northern Jordan

Jordan, like the rest of the Psalm 83 alliance will be so severely damaged that it is conspicuously absent from the Gog Magog war (Ezekiel 38:1-6).  And since the Jews were prophesied by Jesus (Matthew 24:15-16) to flee to the mountains (southern Jordan) during the great tribulation, the whole nation will be spared from destruction in the final war of Armageddon (Daniel 11:41).

For more on the Psalm 83 war and Gog and Magog see Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 6 (here)

(Thanks to Vason for sending this in)