Trump affirms Netanyahu is committed to peace


YNet News: In a memorial weekend speech to US marines stationed in Sicily, President Trump affirms that both Israeli and Palestinian leaders want peace and will work to achieve it.

Trump elaborated on his trip to Israel, saying, “I went to Jerusalem and there I reaffirmed the unbreakable alliance between the United States and Israel. I visited Bethlehem, a city so precious to many, and met with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. He promised me that he wanted to make peace with Israel.” more …

Opinion: The devil (pun intended) is in the details.

  • Does Netanyahu want peace bad enough to hand the Temple Mount over to the PA?
  • Does Netanyahu want peace bad enough to evacuate 800,000 residents from Judea?
  • Does Netanyahu want peace bad enough to give up the Golan Heights?
  • Does Netanyahu want peace bad enough to allow the right of return of 5 million Arabs?

I am pretty amazed at the pro-Israel voices over the weekend with positive remarks about the president addressing 50 Arab leaders and telling them to “Drive Them (terrorists) Out”.

I wonder if any one of those Arab leaders would have listened to the president without two assurances:

  1. Prime Minister Netanyahu would not to be with the president at the Western Wall
  2. President Trump would not move the US embassy to Jerusalem

At the end of the day, Israel will be blamed when this new deal falls apart.