France And Germany To Build Fighter Jets Together



The Telegraph Uk: France and Germany appeared to bury the hatchet over past rivalries on defence on Thursday, as they announced plans to build fighter jets together.

“This is a revolution, but we’re not afraid of revolutions when they are peaceful, well-thought and meant to last,” said Mr Macron.

Defence experts said the announcement was a slap in the face to Britain, Europe’s leading military power, in the wake of its decision to leave the EU. more …

Opinion: That Macron embraced two nationalist leaders (Trump/Netanyahu) last week does not change his globalist ambitions.

“We have launched calls for projects, along with the Germans, to attract researchers as part of the “Make our planet great again” initiative,” Macron told French newspaper Ouest France.

Macron’s EU superstate plans:

  • A closer defense cooperation between Germany and France
  • A new warplane to shape the future of the European fighter industry
  • A new African anti-Islamic military force called the “G5 Sahel”
  • A new attack helicopter, tanks and artillery
  • A common Eurozone budget
  • A common tax plan across the Eurozone
  • An EU finance Minister

Macron has been in office all of 6 weeks. His plans are a stark warning to any EU nation contemplating leaving the superstate.

The great prophet Daniel 7:23-24 calls for such a global power in the last days. Now if only a strong charismatic leader who embraces Israel was in view.

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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but that picture of them hugging sent chills down my back. Ok, not literally, but that is a pretty scary picture. But, I’m not sure why. Anyhow, it just is – for me.

    Also, if you’re out there, VS, I wanted to thank you (better late than never) for the kind words of “welcome back.” Thank you. I missed you guys. Still trying to get settled. Mom is better and may go back to assisted living. Time will tell. Milwaukee a nice city? Well, I guess – if you like beer and cheese. :o) The most beautiful thing is that all of our family is here, so that is pretty special. God knew I really wanted to come “home,” but as the time is yet to come, he brought me back to the little village I grew up and left 35+ years ago. It is pretty quiet and peaceful where we are and for that I am sooo grateful.
    Thanks again, VS. Take care and God Bless. You and the entire BPT family are in my prayers.

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