Hurricane Splitting of Sea in Florida Like Scene Out of Exodus


BIN: A strange sight straight out of the Bible suddenly appeared when the powerful winds of Hurricane Irma blew away the parts of the Atlantic Ocean, leaving behind swathes of land dry enough for the Children of Israel to tread upon.

America witnessed the awe-inspiring might of extremes in God’s mastery over nature when two of the most devastating and powerful hurricanes in history hit the southern Atlantic Coast back-to-back in recent weeks. Harvey dumped a record 51.8 inches of rain on Texas, causing massive flooding and damages estimated at over $150 billion. Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded over the Atlantic, displayed an entirely different aspect of God’s might with 190 MPH winds.

When Irma finally made landfall in Florida, it had calmed considerably, but the winds were still strong enough to literally blow the ocean away. more …