JPost: Like Cyrus of old, President Donald Trump has redrawn Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s red line in the sand against Iran.

The president has refused to recertify the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu, in a September 19, 2016 speech at the UN General Assembly said that Israel’s policy toward the accord was simple: “Change it or cancel it. Fix it or nix it.”

Nixing the deal would mean restoring the massive pressure on Iran, including enacting crippling sanctions until Iran fully dismantles its nuclear weapons capabilities.

There is no doubt that Trump is listening to the prime minister’s concerns. From the beginning, the president has called the Iran deal the worst deal ever. more …

Opinion: There have been a chorus of Israeli voices comparing Donald Trump to King Cyrus of Persia, ancient name for Iran.

But only time will tell if Donald Trump will live up to Cyrus legacy. In the first year of his reign, Cyrus was prompted by God to make a decree that the Temple in Jerusalem should be rebuilt, and all Jews who cared to might return to do so.

Cyrus also showed his interest in the project by giving back to them the sacred vessels which had been taken from the First Temple, and a considerable sum of money with which to buy building materials. Modern day Persians are trying to re-write history and challenge the decree.

In one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible, Isaiah 45:1,4 (740-681 BC) called Cyrus by name 150 years before his birth, and prophesied that during his reign, the Persian king would issue a decree to free the Jews.

The comparisons to Cyrus and the temple, however, are dangerous since Daniel 9:27 gives us clues that it will be Antichrist who ‘shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering’. Since Jews can only sacrifice in a temple, the third temple is in view.

Then he (Antichrist) shall confirm a covenant (peace treaty) with many (Israel and neighbors) for one week (Hebrew for 7 years); But in the middle of the week (3.5 yearshe shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering …”

The final clue that Donald Trump is not Antichrist is that the Church of Jesus Christ is still here (Rev. 6:1-2; Romans 5:9; 1 Thess. 1:10, 5:7, 2 Thess. 4:16-18 ).