Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas Seek New Strategy For Resistance

Head of Hamas delegation Saleh Arouri attends a reconciliation deal signing ceremony in Cairo, Egypt, October 12, 2017. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh – RC1E7AE97DA0

AI Monitor: Just a week after Hamas agreed to reconcile with rival Palestinian faction Fatah and curb its relationship with Hezbollah — an agreement seen by many as a first step necessary to negotiate peace with Israel — Hamas’ No. 2 leader traveled to Tehran to reinforce his group’s solidarity with Iran and the anti-Israel “axis of resistance.”

The Oct. 19 visit of a Hamas delegation led by Saleh Arouri to Tehran wasn’t just another visit representing the Palestinian movement, but rather marked a milestone in the relationship that has been revived in the past few months. It was an obvious declaration by the movement and its old-new allies in the Iran-led resistance axis that a new path is being drawn, and a new strategy for confrontation is being set.

It was the second trip to Tehran in a few months by Arouri, known to be the mastermind of Hamas’ military operations in the West Bank. more …

Opinion: For all those still skeptical of Psalm 83 being an actual war, and not a lament, the only unfulfilled prophecy where Sunni (Hamas) and Shia (Hezbollah) join together in an attack against Israel is found in Psalm 83. Period.

That Iran is the benefactor of both terror groups and not a participant is further proof. Iran knows all too well that joining in the invasion would bring nuclear strike from Israel which could eliminate any future invasion should Psalm 83 fail. And fail it will.

When that happens the world may start to recognize that there is something supernatural  going on with Israel’s victory and become even more hostile.

The UN will go bonkers, Russia and China will condemn Israel in the Security Council, and if my guess is correct the United States will still support Israel politically, but according to the prophecy, no nation comes to Israel’s defense.

Israel will neutralize:

  • Palestinians of the West Bank: Edom
  • Palestinians of Gaza: Philistia (Hamas)
  • Arabs of the Sinai: Amalek
  • Inhabitants of Tyre: Southern Lebanon (Hezbollah)
  • Arabs of Northern Lebanon (Gebal)
  • Arabs and Kurds of Syria and Northern Iraq (Assyria)
  • Ishmaelites of Saudi Arabia
  • Sons of Pharaoh (Egypt)

With that victory Israel will grow in land mass and wealth, and with her neighbors defeated, a false sense of peace will prevail. If my guess is correct, Israel will have another major oil find fulfilling Genesis 49:25; Deuteronomy 33:19; Isaiah 45:3, that will make Russia very angry.

I hope we are here to see it. If so, it may be our last chance to warn family and friends.

(see BP 101, Pre-tribulation wars and conflicts here)