Republicans are dancing with the devil by funding Planned Parenthood


Conservative Review: The fight for life is being waged in some surprising places, shown best by what Gerber recently did with its annual spokesbaby campaign. While nations like Iceland are systematically executing babies with Down syndrome and calling it some kind of scientific breakthrough, Gerber made Lucas Warren the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome in its 90-year history. And Frank Stephens, who also has Down syndrome, recently asked Congress why people like him have to justify their existence or face the final solution.

The old lies are falling apart, even when it comes to some of the so-called “hard cases.” If only the Republicans would stop lying to themselves and us. Because for a generation now, the pro-life industry,  and the politicians it recruits and endorses, has been convinced of the notion that we have to put up with a certain number of innocent babies being slaughtered to win elections — or else the Democrats will just kill them all.

Enough already. It is time to make a stand. Way past time. more …

Opinion: What happened to the outrage over Planned Parenthood selling infant body parts?

And what happened to Donald Trump’s campaign promise to defund Murder Inc?

September 12, 2017 Breitbart news: ” President Donald Trump’s spending deal that – according to him – made “everybody happy” is not making his pro-life base happy at all.

The deal Trump cut with Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – and that the Republican-led Congress passed – funds abortion giant Planned Parenthood into fiscal year 2018 with taxpayer funds from the Medicaid program and Title X family planning grants.

The spending bill passed the Senate by a vote of 80-17 and was approved by the House, 316 to 90. Trump signed the bill into law on Friday.”

Dancing with the devil continues, Isaiah 5:20.


  1. We’ve had 18 school shootings since this year began—only 45 days into it. We are seeing all the usual talking points about guns and mental illness, and sincere grief for the parents of the kids in FL. Does no one in gov’t see the correlation between abortion and loss of respect for all life in our society? Once again it is Black History Month, and 19 million tiny black babies have been murdered where they should be most safe. The African-American population is 47 million. That community is losing a large percentage of their population, black-on-black murder is at an all-time high, and their Chicago- native president did nothing for them. Better to blame white cops for killing them, which is a small percentage. We need to go beyond BLM and declare that ALL lives matter.

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