Abortion Debate Is Over Inside The Democratic Party


Conor Lamb is a Marine, talks tough on crime, and sounds downright Republican on an issue like natural gas fracking — exactly the type of politician Democrats have traditionally turned to when contesting elections in deeply conservative areas.

But the Democratic nominee in this right-leaning southwest Pennsylvania House district differs in at least one important way: He supports abortion rights.

Lamb is not an outlier, not anymore. Nine months from Election Day, political veterans eyeing the House landscape struggle to even identify a single Democratic House hopeful — of the hundreds running — who openly opposes abortion rights. more …

Opinion: Last night Conor Lamb’s strong showing and possible win ended the Democrat struggle for identity. Abortion is 100% accepted, association with anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan at the highest levels is swept under the rug, and abolishing the Trump tax cuts in favor of tax hikes under the disguise of taxing the rich is part of the platform.

After suffering 8 years with the worst president in US history, the Democrat party has not learned a thing.

In the 2012 Democrat Convention, the party booed God and Jerusalem:


  1. Soon, all these democrats will be kneeling and confessing that Jesus is Lord! I wonder if they’ll be booing then? Murder is something they should not want on their resumes!

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