Jews ascending Temple Mount met with little Muslim terrorists-in-training


Jews News: Muslim parents in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, are teaching their children to hate Jews from a very young age, arming toddlers with plastic knives and encouraging them to “stab” Jews with them.)

All these Jews want to do is be able to access their most sacred site, where they are, as per the peace agreement with Jordan, not allowed to pray, to ascend in anything less modest than a floor-length skirt, and face being rejected for arbitrary reasons. Jews who do make it up are taunted by hordes of Arab women who are paid to make them feel uncomfortable.

Children as young as two are taught at home and in school that their major goal in life is to become a martyr, murder innocent Jews, and steal historic Israeli territory for the Muslims.

Opinion“Because the Lord has sworn: the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” Exodus 17:16

Excerpt: Antichrist: The Search for Amalek (revised):

After the Red Sea crossing, the first Biblically-recorded
terror attack on the Israelites came from a tribe called
the Amalekites. Their leader was an illegitimate grandson of Esau
named Amalek, who inherited his grandfather’s intense hatred (Gen.
27:41) for his brother Jacob. While the Egyptians failed to harm the
Israelites, the Amalekites succeeded in doing so.

From the time they are toddlers, Esau/Amalek’s descendants are taught to hate. As teens, they’re off to summer camps where they learn to kill for real:

Image result for hamas summer campWhile today’s Amalekites are taught from the cradle to hate their half-brother Jacob, who is Israel (Genesis 35:10), the blood feud is to be one-sided by God’s command:

“You shall not abhor an Edomite, for he is your brother. You
shall not abhor an Egyptian, because you were an alien in his
land” Deuteronomy 23:7.

The eternal enemy of Israel is not to be hated by the Jew? How
can that be? How can a people forgive their brother after millennia
of atrocities?

As the Israelites made their way to the Promised
Land, the Edomites refused to allow them to pass
through their land ‘so Israel turned away from him”.
(Num. 20:21).

“For perpetually pursuing their brother Jacob with
a sword, God’s anger will rain down on Teman”
(Hebrew name for the Edomite clan) Amos 1:11-12.

As the Babylonians came to destroy the temple in 586
BC, the Edomites “were as one of them”. Obad. 1:11.

Because it is the Lord’s fight (Isaiah 63:1-3) the Israelites are instructed not to hate their brother.

(Excerpt: Antichrist: The Search for Amalek)