U.S. Personnel Embedded With Lebanese Forces, Concern Of Hezbollah Penetration


Free Beacon: A senior U.S. official disclosed this week that American personnel have been stationed in the Lebanese Armed Forces, or LAF, a contested fighting force that is closely aligned with the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah, according to testimony this week that has caused alarm in Congress and with regional experts.

David Satterfield, an acting assistant secretary in the State Department’s bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, informed Congress on Wednesday that the United States will continue to fund and arm the LAF despite mounting concerns it is being controlled by Hezbollah, which controls large swaths of Lebanese territory and its fighting forces.

The close relationship “gives us an insight and a view into how those forces function that we have never had in the past and I can say here on the record we do not believe that the Lebanese Armed Forces are anything other than a legitimate institution of the Lebanese state,” Satterfield said. “And I would note that in strengthening that legitimate institution you effectively. counter the illegitimate security structures, malicious, principally Hezbollah, which pose a challenge to the state and its authority.”

Opinion: The US has been trying to exit the Middle East since Barack Obama’s 2013 red line fiasco. Donald Trump seems to believe that eliminating ISIS will solve the terror problem and then it will be time to leave.

Since 9/11 America has consistently gotten terrorism wrong. The US under Obama partnered up with so called moderate Muslim factions in an effort to avoid sending tens of thousands of troops, as his predecessor did. The result, Shia militias tied to Iran collected cache after cache of US weapons making them even more dangerous.

Since President Trump ended the policy of arming terrorists, Politico reports that “in northwestern Syria, al Qaeda and like-minded groups are thriving – according to our latest estimates, the group’s members there now number more than 15,000 – largely on the other side of the country, far from the U.S forces in the east.”

Whack-a-mole, anyone?

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In the meantime by joining in with the Lebanese army, which is no doubt  embedded with Hezbollah operatives, the US now finds itself in bed with two of the Psalm 83:1-8 nations: Gebal (northern Lebanon) and the inhabitants of Tyre (southern Lebanon), that will attack Israel in a still future prophecy.

One member of our prophecy group Wednesday night asked what started all this terror to begin with? My answer was a bowl of lentil soup (Genesis 25:29-24), and until the US government understands that, it will be one folly after another.


  1. And that Haggar and Ishmael were booted out of Abraham’s family adding to the hubris that they (Arabs) are also the real but rejected heirs to the covenants promised to the Jews and Israel.

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