Israel protected the Gaza border, but death toll means Hamas can claim win too


The Times of Israel: As Israeli and American officials feted the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and superfans thronged to Tel Aviv for a performance by Eurovision winner Netta Barzilai, the Gaza Strip on Monday saw its bloodiest day since the 2014 war, by a wide margin.

Israel and its supporters describe the protests as a Hamas-led military campaign — reportedly funded by the Jewish state’s nemesis, Iran — designed to turn the border area into an active combat zone and allow terrorist operatives to break through the security fence, enter Israeli territory, and carry out attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, potentially in the form of kidnappings and massacres.

As of Tuesday morning, the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry said that 60 Palestinians — at least 24 of them from terrorist groups, according to the IDF — were killed in the clashes, including several who the army says were shot dead as they tried to shoot Israeli soldiers or place improvised explosive devices on the border. Hamas and Islamic Jihad acknowledged that 13 of the dead were members. Some 2,700 Gazans were reportedly injured, about half from gunshots. These figures could not be independently verified.

Opinion: Recap of last two days:

  • Monday: 40,000 Palestinians participated in violent riots along the Gaza security fence
  • Tuesday: 60 Palestinians were reported killed in the clashes
  • 50 of the people killed by Israeli troops on Monday were later identified as known members of Hamas
  • Eight armed terrorists began throwing pipe bombs and grenades at the troops
  • Hamas continues sending children to the border fence, while their leaders sit in their comfortable offices

According to the secular progressive Israel-hating left, when 40,000 Hamas/Islamic Jihad terrorists equipped with fire bombs and concealed weapons threaten to cross a barrier fence, Israeli soldiers have no right to self defense.

Then we have perpetual Israel-haters like Patrick Buchanan weighing in:

While the Israelis are the most powerful nation in the region, how long can they keep 2 million Palestinian Arabs confined in the penal colony that is the Gaza Strip? How long can they keep the 2 million Palestinians of the West Bank living in conditions even Israeli leaders have begun to compare to apartheid?

The penal colony, Mr. Buchanan, was the land given to Arab people in exchange for peace. Worked out well, don’t ya think?

What will be lost in the coming days, as the UN awards Hamas the moral high ground, is that one man had the courage to do what none of his predecessors ever dared to do: Bless Israel (Genesis 12:3).