Netanyahu: ‘Deep Ties Between Our Peoples’ After 10 Hours w/Putin in Moscow


Jewish Press: After a long day in Moscow that began first thing in the morning with special events to mark the victory of the Red Army over the German Nazis during World War II, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu headed back to Israel following talks with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, newly re-inaugurated for a fourth six-year term earlier this week.

“I have just finished almost ten hours in the company of President Putin,” Netanyahu told reporters. “We attended very moving events – the parade marking the victory over the Nazis and other events, and of course there were also good and useful talks. I presented our perspective on issues including Iran’s secret nuclear archive and, of course, the current tension.” more …

Opinion: PM Netanyahu spoke of warm relations, Putin not so much.

Netanyahu: “I am very moved that you invited me to this parade as Prime Minister of Israel, as head of the state of the Jews, and you mentioned the Holocaust of the Jews today. This is additional testimony to the deep ties between our two peoples and I thank you for this.”

Putin: Spoke against ‘aggressive nationalism’ and ‘claims to exceptionalism‘ that almost brought Europe under the control of Nazi Germany during the Second World War, not deep ties with Israel.


Mr. Putin is laser focused, however, on Israel’s vast natural gas reserves and commercial use that could pose a threat to the Russian economy.

Thanks to the sure and perfect word of prophecy we know that one day a Russian leader will devise an evil plan (Ezekiel 38:10) to attack Israel when it is living in peace and safety (Ez. 38:11) with no bars and gates, to take great wealth (Ez. 38:12).

And I am betting that Benjamin Netanyahu knows it as well. I can’t help but imagine what he is thinking when meeting with the man who could possibly be the one to fulfill a prophetic attack on his country.

It is not the first time men have seen themselves in prophecy. Alexander the Great was written about in Daniel 8. The Roman historian Josephus has it that before attacking Tyre (Lebanon), Alexander had asked the Jewish High Priest for provisions for his army.

Jaduah refused because of a previous treaty with Persia and all of Jerusalem sought the Lord in terror, with prayer and sacrifice. The Lord told Jeduah not to worry, but for him and the priests to get dressed in all their finery, open the gates and go out to greet Alexander when he arrived.

They did just that. In all their white linen, purple robes and golden headdresses the priests gathered behind Jeduah, threw open the gates to the city, and went out to meet Alexander. Stunned by this greeting, Alexander dismounted and bowed down before Jeduah. The Jews couldn’t believe their eyes! When he was asked about it, Alexander replied, “I didn’t pay homage to him (Jeduah), but to the God Who made him His High Priest.”

Afterward, Jeduah brought out the scroll of Daniel and pointed to the portion we would call chapter 8 in which Daniel’s vision of a one-horned goat defeating a ram represents a king from Greece defeating the Persians. (This vision had come to Daniel over 200 years earlier in 551 BC, and the angel Gabriel had personally interpreted it as such in Daniel 8:20-21).  Immediately Alexander realized that he was the king of whom Gabriel had spoken (Antiquities of the Jews, Book XI, chapter VIII Part 5).

From that time forward, Alexander gave the Jews great privilege in his kingdom allowing them to keep to their own laws and traditions, not only in Jerusalem but in the rest of the kingdom as well.

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