Guest Post: The Next Great Game: The Clash over Central Asia


Harvard Political Review: Xi Jinping seemed uncharacteristically sanguine after his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sino-Russian relations are at their “best time in history,” the Chinese leader boldly proclaimed after a two-day state visit to Russia last year. Indeed, though China and Russia make a strong team when it comes to counterbalancing the United States, their apparent unity betrays fierce competition over a region that both countries have long regarded as their natural sphere of influence: Central Asia.

Many commentators have been quick to draw parallels to the historical “Great Game,” which saw the Russian and British empires tussle for influence in the Caspian Sea region for much of the 19th century. More recently, a shared Soviet history and tight net of military bases have allowed Putin to re-establish Russian dominance in Central Asia.

Though Russia’s political influence stands little chance against China’s new economic offensives like the One Belt One Road Initiative, Chinese partnerships are not without their own drawbacks. To avoid extensive dependence on either country, Central Asian countries may continue to embrace a flexible approach based on safeguarding their autonomy while balancing the major powers’ interests. more …

Opinion: As Russia and China diplomatically fight over hegemony of Central Asia in part due to China’s One Belt One Road project, a larger picture is beginning to emerge and one that has profound prophetic significance.  China is in the process of reviving and expanding upon the ancient Silk Road trading routes through their One Belt One Road initiative, which will link over 70 countries across Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa by way of shipping, rail, and a vast network of roads.

Their aim is total global economic dominance.  That much is clear from a secular standpoint.  But when we look at a map of their shipping routes and network of roads, it paints another picture when viewed through the lens of scripture.

Where might this network of roads and shipping routes be heading?  Could China be in the process of building the road to Armageddon?  We know from Revelation 9:16 that an army of 200 million march from the east towards Israel.  Have you ever wondered how an army of 200 million can mobilize and move assets over such difficult terrain?  Well it appears we have the answer.

Here’s more on China’s One Belt One Road project:

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