Spanish students forced out of their houses for Muslim migrants


Geller Report: The Spanish authorities have here made their priorities clear. They would rather inundate their nation with Muslim migrants — from this ship that was rejected by Italy’s new patriotic government — rather than take care of their own people.

The implications for Spain’s future, and Europe’s in general, are obvious. Spanish authorities are going to be reaping the poison fruit of this decision for generations to come, as the Reconquista begins in reverse, and the Muslim migrants they have welcomed begin to behave as … Muslim migrants have behaved everywhere they have ever gone. Spain can see this coming. But it doesn’t.

“Spanish students forced out of their houses to make room for Aquarius migrants,” by Ben Perchiron, Voice of Europe, June 18, 2018:

Opinion: Progressivism by definition advances. Progressives were once against illegal immigration but then “advanced” with Barack Obama, who led the way in opening the US border for anyone who could get here:

Image result for train packed with illegals heading for us

Today, progressive politicians sometimes treat illegal immigrants in higher esteem than their own children, as demonstrated by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy who on Wednesday proudly announced that “Our DREAMers are just as much New Jerseyans as my and Tammy’s four kids”, before signing a bill granting college tuition to illegals, but not for New Jersey citizens.

In certain countries in Europe it is even worse, as evidenced by the governments of Spain, Germany, France, Brussels, and the Vatican.

And the common denominator is the Vatican …

  • Spain – 68% catholic
  • Germany – 60% Catholic
  • France – 64% Catholic
  • Belgium – 70% Catholic

… who announced that a joint venture with the World Council of Churches (WCC) to co-host a meeting next September on “migration, xenophobia, and politically motivated populism” (here), code for illegal immigration.

That Pope Francis is a cheerleader for open borders will look great on his resume for a soon to open position as second-in-command of a very charismatic and powerful European leader (Rev 13:1-2).