Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings


Zero Hedge: Last month we showed that as Trade Wars began in April, the world’s central banks and other official institutions dumped more Treasuries than in any month since January 2016, some $48.3BN, perhaps over concerns of others selling first, and precipitating a sharp move higher in yields.

Fast forward one month later to May, when according to the latest just released Treasury International Capital (TIC) update, in May the selling of Treasuries by official entities continued, with another $24BN sold in the month of May, when yields continued to rise and eventually hit the 2018 highs of 3.11%.

But while the selling of Treasuries was to be expected – after all someone had to sell aggressively to push yields sharply higher in April and May – the question was who. more

Opinion: Don’t let the guy in the cool sunglasses scare you. If not for the threat of nuclear war, Russia is a bankrupt third world nation with an economy 1/10th the size of the US. Bible prophecy tells us that the third world war, Armageddon, is not between the US and Russia; it is a global conflict with Israel at the center (Daniel 11:41).

The hysteria that the Trump hating progressive left is spewing is a distraction from the fact that their beloved Obama agenda is being dismantled.

Gone is the:

  • Iran nuclear deal
  • Paris climate accord
  • Trans Pacific Partnership
  • War on coal
  • Appeasing our enemies
  • Progressive left Supreme Court
  • Obama’s fundamental transformation of America
  • Over 1000 anti-business regulations
  • Prohibition from drilling in Alaska
  • Prohibition on the Keystone and Dakota pipelines
  • Onerous fuel emission standards
  • Onerous job killing corporate taxes
  • Government control of the internet
  • Open borders to criminal gangs
  • Open immigration from terror nations

And drum roll ………… the US Embassy is now in Jerusalem!

Much to the chagrin of the secular progressive left, the US is recovering from the 8 year nightmare. Their chance to hand the US over to a globalist power will come when the church is removed …

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… and the US will no longer be a superpower.


  1. HA HA HA! I like that, Vason. I just wish he really was riding off into the sunset. Or somewhere else… (God forgive me) 😉

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