Who the Heck is Martin Selmayr?


Politico EU: The European Commission “stretched and possibly even overstretched the limits of the law” by fast-tracking Martin Selmayr’s appointment as secretary-general, the European Ombudsman reported Tuesday.

In a scathing report detailing the findings of a five-month investigation, the ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, says the Commission had committed four acts of “maladministration” and forced Selmayr, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s chief of staff, into the EU’s most senior civil service post.

Selmayr was given a position, O’Reilly says, that he was not qualified to fill without first being installed into a deputy job. more …

Opinion: “What’s the difference between Martin Selmayr and God?” runs the joke. “God does not think He’s Selmayr.” The political gag is said to be German, but it simultaneously captures the strange blend of fear and scorn with which Mr. Selmayr is regarded in Brussels, and is barely known outside it.

Martin Selmayr is 47 years old and is with the Christian Democrat Party with historical ties to trade unionism.

The baby-faced Selmayr is a lawyer originally from the German city of Bonn. He has worked for the Commission since 2004, but really came to the fore in 2014 when he was picked by Juncker, then the new president of the European Commission, as his chief of staff.

He masterminded Juncker’s campaign for the presidency, and has since been described as the most powerful man in Brussels. His grandfather Josef Selmayr was a convicted Nazi war criminal and Martin has an interesting nickname: ‘monster‘, which the dictionary lists as a synonym for beast.

Our friend Carlisle who sent this in, suggested that Martin Selmayr is a man to watch. I agree.


  1. When I first saw this, I was naturally interested because it dealt with the EU. A simple google search yields a wealth of interesting information about his rapid ascension as well as his early influences by two Nazi generals.
    After all of the reading it looks like the EU presidency will be vacated soon and this guy looks to be the well positioned to take over.

  2. Thank you for posting this, Author, and for finding it, Carlisle. I have never heard of him. I agree he is someone to watch.

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