ONE-THIRD of U.S. Catholic Bishops Failed To Respond To Sex Abuse Allegations


Daily Wire: A shocking new report compiled by a team of journalists from both the Boston Globe and the Philadelphia Inquirer alleges that at least one in three living, American Catholic bishops has been accused of failing to respond appropriately to claims of sexual abuse brought to their attention.

The report, over the weekend, offers a disturbing look into a Church hierarchy that was supposed to have been reformed in 2002, after the Boston Globe revealed that the Archdiocese of Boston had either covered up — or simply ignored — dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct against Boston priests. more …

Opinion: The high-ranking church official referred to above is Cardinal Bernard F. Law, who was forced to resign as leader of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston after a long and painful sexual abuse scandal involving clergy members.

Law was chosen by the now sainted Pope John Paul II in 2004 to head one of the four most important basilicas in Rome. A nice cushy job for a man who aided pedophile priests.

Vatican officials failed to see that a position of honor afforded to Law caused more pain to hundreds who had been abused, while setting a dangerous precedent that church leaders will all be protected from prosecution by Rome, or should we say Babylon.

From the article: “More than 130 U.S. bishops — or nearly one-third of those still living — have been accused during their careers of failing to adequately respond to sexual misconduct in their dioceses,” the reporters claim. “At least 15, including Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington who resigned in July, have themselves been accused of committing such abuse or harassment.”

And the faithful devout Catholics remain quietly in their pews.

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