Experts on Climate Change: ‘Conclusions of Latest Govt. Report Is False’


Breitbart: The federal government’s Fourth National Climate Assessment, released on Friday, has gained praise from leftists and left-wing environmental groups as a dire warning of the coming death and destruction in the United States if we don’t stop global warming.

But critics of the report, including scientists, have slammed it as “exaggeration,” bad science and even said its conclusions are “false.”

“This latest climate report is just more of the same – except for even greater exaggeration, worse science, and added interference in the political process by unelected, self-serving bureaucrats,” Tim Huelskamp, president of the Heartland Institute said in statements released by the free-market think tank following the report’s release. more …

Opinion: Now I know why my progressive friend sent me a rather panicked email saying he is “truly frightened” by climate reports.

The federal government’s Fourth National Climate Assessment is a well-timed prelude to the Katowice Poland (here) Climate Change Conference coming December 2-14, 2018 by the climate wackos at the UN.

One thing we now know for sure, the progressives at the UN, EU, and the Vatican will not let up on their cause no matter how much data is presented to the contrary. Every snow storm, hurricane, fire and earthquake becomes a cause célèbre, with demands that the lone superpower destroy its economy while the world’s biggest polluter, China, gets off agreeing to cut emissions in 2030 or so.

Draconian climate change laws combined with gun confiscation, a state religion, government approved digital currency, and implanted national IDs may be all a future dictator needs to trample the earth (Daniel 7:23).

I wonder if there is a way to explain a sudden event, like the disappearance of millions, on the climate?


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