The False Dichotomy of Nationalism vs. Patriotism


Breitbart: Recently, the President of the United States stated that he is a nationalist. That sent tremors throughout the globalist and leftist academic community. Almost immediately, the President of France felt called upon to explain why his country cousins in North America should be disturbed.

We were told that there was every reason to be dismayed—that nationalism was “the very opposite” of patriotism. While we all feel patriotic on occasion, we are told that we should never ever feel nationalistic.

It is not obvious why that should be the case, but it is affirmed by the authority of the President of France. Now, it is not at all clear that the distinction offered is true, and if true, how it was intended to help. At this point we can only undertake reasoned speculation. more … 

Opinion“EU leaders should one day consider “a real, true European army” Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

“Europe has a choice: nationalism or sovereignty. France chooses sovereignty, and I’ll go even further: I think Europe has to become an empire again; a “peaceful empire” in the words of Tocqueville, but an empire nonetheless. Between the American empire and the Chinese empire, Europe must assert itself as a peaceful empire” Emanuel Macron, President of France.

“If globalization seeks to bring all of us together, but to do so respecting each person, each individual person’s peculiarity, that globalization is good and makes us good and grow and leads to peace” Pope Francis.

A global interconnected world and revived Roman Empire is what the prophet Daniel and the Apostle John prophesied (Daniel 7/Revelation 13) when Antichrist makes his debut on the world stage. Four of the most powerful leaders in Europe are in lockstep waiting for what EU Commission President Jean Claude Junker said was needed: ‘one captain to steer the ship’.

  • Daniel and John depict the coming global empire (Revived Rome) as a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns (Dan. 7:7-8, 23-24; Rev 13:1)
  • The leader of this empire will get his power from Satan Rev 13:2
  • He will stage a false resurrection Rev 13:3
  • He will be worshiped by a Christ-rejecting world Rev 13:4
  • He will have a powerful religious leader (Pontifex Maximus) Rev 13:11-12
  • He will have total control for a time, times and half a time (3.5 years) Dan. 7:25; Rev. 12:14
  • He will have complete control over global commerce Rev 13:16-17

His number 666 (evil trinity – Rev. 13:18) is just short of perfection (Holy Trinity- 777), and right now the only world leader standing in the gap is a nationalist who has taken up Israel’s cause.

Wow …