Is Replacement Theology Fueling Anti-Semitism in America?


BIN: In the wake of the Pittsburgh atrocity on October 27, the founder of a nationally recognized watchdog group – active in confronting anti-Semitism – issued a stark warning about the dangers of replacement theology fueling an uptick in Jew-hatred.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN) said, “It is long past time to confront the growing danger posed by the dramatic rise of anti-Semitism in America. We must examine how our society, including our churches and education system, is helping to enable this threat making not just our Jewish communities vulnerable, but all people.”

She also echoed words that Britain’s former Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks has used to consistently warn the world of the inherent dangers of enabling or excusing virulent Jew-hatred. “History has shown that anti-Semitism doesn’t stop with the Jewish community; this hatred will soon be directed at other people of faith as well,” Cardoza-Moore added. more …

Opinion: Replacement Theology and its cousin, Covenant Theology, has so infected the church of Jesus Christ that it is hard to find a church in America or Europe whose pastor isn’t one or the other.

Replacement Theology churches:

  • Roman Catholicism
  • World Council of Churches
  • the Presbyterian Church USA
  • the Methodist Church
  • the Lutheran Church (ELCA)
  • the Anglican Church
  • the United Church of Christ

Covenant theology/Reformed Theology denominations:

  • the rest of Protestant/Calvinistic and Reformed denominations

A common thread between Replacement and Covenant churches is the teaching of Augustine and the satanic treatment of the Jewish people.

Either God replaced Israel with the church, or Israel IS the church. Either way Israel is marginalized. In both theologies, Scripture, and especially Biblical prophecy, may be read allegorically leaving it up to the denomination’s hierarchy to interpret what God had in mind.

Dispensational Theology’s three basic tenets

  • There is a theological difference between Israel and the Church.
  • Scripture is to be interpreted by the literal method unless the text itself mentions a figurative or symbolic interpretation.
  • The underlying purpose of God in this world is His glory.

And yes, the answer to the headline question, Replacement Theology IS fueling antisemitism in America and without a literal reading of God’s word it will only get more pernicious.

See Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 3 for ‘Doctrines That Divide Christians here