Trump tells Erdogan ‘Syria all yours, we are done’


YNet News: As US troops prepare to pull out from Syria, CNN reports that Turkey’s Erdogan assured President Trump in a heated phone conversation that his country will continue to fight terrorism in the war-torn state until IS is defeated.

On Wednesday, President Trump announced the withdrawal of all US troops from Syria, which has been sharply criticized by many, especially by America’s Kurdish allies, who may well face a Turkish assault once US troops leave, and had been staunchly opposed by the Pentagon.

In a phone call between the two leaders, Erdogan also expressed satisfaction with steps taken by Washington regarding combating terrorism in Syria and the problems that are created by US presence in the region, and said Turkey was ready to provide any type of support, the Turkish presidency said. more …

Opinion: We know from Biblical prophecy:

  • Israel’s only protector in the final 3 wars of the age is God, Ezekiel 38:18-21; Dan 11:45
  • Turkey’s military involvement takes place in the second war prophesied in Ezekiel 38:1-6
  • The whole world is involved in the final war of Daniel 11:40-45
  • ISIS ideology (Edom) will only be defeated by Jesus at His second coming, Isaiah 63:1-3

There are, however, benefactors that will finance a combined Sunni/Shia attack on Israel as prophesied in Psalm 83:1-8 made up of her immediate neighbors. The likely backers are Turkey, Iran and Russia.

  • Recep Erdogan has made no secret of his outright hatred for the Jewish state
  • Iranian leader Khomeini calls for Israel’s destruction daily
  • Putin has his eye on the EastMed Pipeline Project that will make Israel a competitor in selling natural gas to Europe by 2023

No matter how you cut it, Israel is in the cross-hairs and Donald Trump is fulfilling prophecy.


  1. Good old Erdogan has already designated the Kurds as terrorists.
    So once he has run them out or killed them, he will declare that he has beaten the terrorists in Syria and move on to the occupiers in Palestine.

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