Fox News Promotes Microsoft’s NewsGuard Blacklist as ‘Good Idea’

(L to R) Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corp and chairman of Fox News, and Lachlan Murdoch, co-chairman of 21st Century Fox.

Breitbart: On Friday’s Fox & Friends, Kurt Knutsson gushed over Microsoft’s NewsGuard blacklist as “fair” and a “good idea.”

Knutsson said:

This is a filter. So Microsoft has decided, in their latest mobile browser called Edge, that they’re going to make this as part of the browser that you can just simply see a badge. … What it does is it comes in red if it’s “unreliable,” and it comes in green if it’s “reliable” or trustworthy sources.…

The [browser] add-on is from NewsGuard Tech and its former journalists … that run it. There are actually human beings behind it, and it’s actually a good idea. When I looked pretty closely at it, it’s pretty fair. They’re giving some criticism to the left, to the right–pretty right down the middle, and they’re calling it like it is.

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Opinion: It is important to keep in mind that Newscorp (Fox News) is a publicly traded company whose #1 responsibility is to keep Newscorp shareholders happy. As of November 6, 2018, the US has taken a left turn and so has Fox news.

No longer is it just Bernie Sanders pounding the table for socialism, because in actuality Bernie is not left enough for the newcomers in power.

FREE EVERYTHING is the mantra and SKY-HIGH TAXES is how the uber-Socialists claim they will pay for it: Free healthcare, free college, free income and guaranteed government jobs.

Kamala Harris enthusiasts sounded a particularly familiar theme: “She can completely transform the system if she is commander-in-chief”. In that backdrop, it is a safe assumption that Newscorp is moving to where the money is – left.

As we move toward global government we can expect censorship to become the norm. Imagine the power that will be unleashed to one man as the world turns to him for answers. It was just a few short years ago that Americans were incensed by government intrusion of emails and phone conversations. Now it is never mentioned.

Infrastructure is being built, minds and hearts are being changed, as a paradigm shift in how people live is on the way, and when it comes it will be hard to remember the old way.

“Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” Revelation 13:4.