The Dark Reach of The Muslim Brotherhood


JOL: The Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin) has evolved since it began in 1928 as a strictly Egyptian organization, becoming a global network with branches in 70 countries. Understanding its purpose and examining its methods is extremely important. The latest information comes from former President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak.

It must be seen in the context of a global debate that has raged since 9/11 over the question of whether the Muslim Brotherhood was a dangerous Islamist terror organization or a real alternative to the jihadist militancy witnessed with al-Qaeda. At times it seemed that the Middle East and the West were operating at cross purposes on this question.

Take, for example, the regular periodical of the Muslim Brotherhood, Risalat al-Ikhwan; it was banned in Egypt, but it was legal in the UK. At the top of the masthead of this publication was printed: “Our Mission; World Domination (Siyadat al-Dunya).” It also carried the famous Muslim Brotherhood motto which included: “jihad is our path; martyrdom is our aspiration.” more …

Opinion: In the beginning days of the Arab Spring, Feb 10, 2011, Director of National Intelligence under Barack Obama, James Clapper, tried to make the case that the Muslim Brotherhood is largely secular and has eschewed violence:

That was less than 2 years after his boss invited the Brotherhood to the June 2009 Cairo speech:

Image result for the brotherhood to his June 2009 Cairo speech:

In 2012, the Brotherhood turned Egypt into chaos as Mohammed Morsi became president of Egypt as Obama sent Abrams tanks, F-16 fighter jets and $1.5 billion in US cash to support the regime.

A December 29, 2015 report from Investors Business Daily “U.K. Condemns Muslim Brotherhood, While White House Hosts It” sums up how deep the Brotherhood had become in the Obama administration:

“In a major break with the U.S., Britain has banned the radical Muslim Brotherhood, a group that raises the global banner of violent jihad, while the Obama regime continues to treat it like the Rotary Club.

In a stunning move, the U.K. has in effect designated the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, barring its members from entering the country and exposing its affiliates, which front as Muslim charities and rights groups.

The developments follow an 18-month government investigation of the Brotherhood, the results of which are contained in a new report condemning the group’s ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups.

In the U.S., federal prosecutors last decade successfully prosecuted several Brotherhood leaders for funneling more than $12 million to Hamas suicide bombers. The Justice Department identified dozens of Brotherhood front groups as possible co-conspirators, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Prosecutors were preparing to bring charges against these Brotherhood front groups when the Obama administration suddenly pulled the plug on the case.”

The plan, with the help of the mainstream media, was to end the US role supporting Israel’s dominance in the Middle East by raising up the Sunni Brotherhood in Egypt, and supporting and paving the way for a Shia nuclear Iran.

It almost worked.