Ilhan Omar apologizes to Jewish groups for hurt caused by AIPAC tweet


The Times of Israel: In a brief confidential conference call with Jewish organizations, Rep. Ilhan Omar apologized for any hurt caused by her tweets suggesting that AIPAC pays politicians to support Israel.

“Let me reiterate my sincere apology for any actual hurt my words have caused,” Omar, a freshman Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota, said on Tuesday afternoon, according to someone present on the call.

“I know there are a lot of people who in the last weeks have expressed support in trying to say this isn’t anti-Semitic or this shouldn’t be looked at in that way,” she added.

But Omar said ‘it is up to the Jewish community to define anti-Semitism’. more …

Opinion: Some apology. Omar was under pressure by House leaders. We know from history that people under pressure can stretch the truth.

Bill Clinton under pressure for a sexual scandal with Monica Lewinsky infamously stated:

Under pressure, Islam has a word ‘taqiyya’, that means the practice of lying in defense of Islam is permissible when one is faced with persecution.

“You will know them by their fruits …” Matthew 7:16