To Our Readers


The past two months we have been working with a new tech person since our former technician, Lee, was unable to continue with us. Lee built the new site in 2015 and formatted the Bible Prophecy 101 study. We are blessed to have worked with Lee.

Alex, our new guy, has been handling moving the site to our new domain and Louis, the voice on The First Terrorist video, formatted ‘Blood Feud’ and the new ‘Two Trains’ study. Editor and I are learning to speak a new techno-language and it has not been easy.

Our website is finally secure as you can tell by the padlock on the far left in the browser bar on each page, and we are so grateful that we have not gone dark in the process even once. All this has not come without cost so we will once again enter the Facebook space and advertising, in an effort to offset costs.

Editor has finally convinced me to go to Israel and we are joining a tour in a couple of months for two weeks. I plan to keep posting during that time as long as my batteries hold up between locations, and will rely on our great friend and (unpaid) part-time editor (Vason) to post headlines when we are unable. Also, due to the time change, blog posts and pictures will come at odd times for US readers.

The news has kept us busy lately as God brings about His amazing plan. We are grateful for each one of you and are continually amazed by the number of countries represented on this site each day.