Trump Effect: Islamic State Jihadists Emerge from Tunnels to Surrender as ‘Caliphate’ Falls


Geller Report: Unlike President Obama, who aided and abetted (and actually did a great deal to enable the creation of) the Islamic State, President Trump has vanquished the enemy.

When Obama left office, it looked as if the Islamic State would be with us for years, if not decades to come. And of course now the enemedia is pressuring Western nations to re-admit returning Islamic State jihadis, which is yet another instance of media treason.

Clearly it’s easier to dispatch the Islamic menace in Iraq and Syria than it is in the beltway, the media and academia. But they must be vanquished here, too.  more …

Opinion: While the left tried to prove Donald Trump as a traitor, he was busy rolling back onerous business regulations, getting 3.5 million people off food stamps and back to work, securing a travel ban from terror nations, placing two conservatives on the Supreme Court, withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal, pulling out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, cancelling US participation in the Paris Climate Accords, declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, granting Israel sovereignty over Golan, and oh, by the way, destroying ISIS.

All this in 2 years while being constantly harassed by 22 progressive-left lawyers accusing him of Russian collusion.

Blessing Israel brings blessing (Genesis 12:3).