ZANOTTI: We Must Rebuild Notre Dame. It Could Save The Catholic Church.


Daily Mail, Emily Zinotti: When I watched the video of the spire falling this morning, I could feel it breaking my heart into a million pieces inside me. That reminder was gone.

And that’s why Notre Dame must be rebuilt.

Because now, more than ever, we need a reminder that art, that beauty, and most of all, that faith, transcend human error. At a time when the Catholic Church needs unity, rebuilding one of our great structures — the historical home of the Crown of Thorns, and the site of so much of our history — may be the one way that we can recommit to facing the trials at present and ahead together.

Make no mistake, the Church is under attack, both from within and without. All Christianity is. All people of good faith are. The Catholic Church is struggling with fractures that threaten to rip the Church apart.”

Opinion: Was this an ‘act of God’, electrical malfunction, or simply human error? There is no talk (yet) of terrorism or war, and no group claiming responsibility. Notre Dame in flames is perhaps symbolic of much of Christianity in flames in Europe, and particularly in France.

Last year, according to reports, more than one-third (35 percent) of France’s population and almost two-thirds (63 percent) of youth said they belonged to “no religion”. And yet Notre Dame de Paris is still at the heart of France’s identity. All distances in France are measured from kilometre zéro, in front of the cathedral. It took 200 years to build, and now it was made a holocaust in one terrible afternoon.

Catholics are devastated, France is said to be decapitated, and everywhere we can hear the urgent calls to rebuild the structure. Once done, will Christianity in Europe heal?

Catholicism represents the majority of Christians in Europe, and while the Cathedral of Notre Dame cuts across many  denominations, the fire and fall of the spire is sadly symbolic of the destruction of thousands of altar boys and seminarians by the priests, bishops and archbishops who were in authority over them.

As long as Catholic leaders continue to protect pedophiles in their ranks, promote climate change and open borders, instead of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, Catholics will remain divided.

And it gets worse from there:

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been overridden with works
  • The pope is working to keep the status quo in Jerusalem as a city for Catholics and Muslims and as an afterthought, Jews
  • Pope Francis and Morocco’s King Mohammed VI issued a joint appeal that referred to the city as Jerusalem and al Quds, its Muslim name.

Rebuilding Notre Dame will not solve any of that, the healing has to come from within.


  1. Very well said, author!! Add one more “it gets worse from here.” “Maryology” has pervaded so thoroughly into RC tradition and dogma that she is now a “Co-redemptrix” equal to that of her Son the Messiah. And as the “Mother of God.” she, in many Catholic quarters, out ranks her Son. Thus RC, over the centuries, has drifted back into the Babylonian mysticism of Tammuz and Isthar. Rebuilding an 850 year old structure is not in itself going to bring about the kind of redemption needed.

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