Germany Won’t Remove Relief with Jews Drinking Pig’s Milk at UNESCO Heritage Site


Jewish Press: The German Evangelical Church as well as art historians are debating the removal of a grotesque, anti-Semitic 13th century relief from the facade of a church in the German city of Wittenberg where Martin Luther once preached, The Art Newspaper reported Thursday. The church is a UNESCO heritage site.

The relief shows Jews suckling on a sow’s teats while a rabbi lifts her tail.

An estimated 30 Judensau (Jewish Sow) artworks dehumanizing Jews have survived in European churches, most of them in Germany. more …

Excerpt from Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum:

Opinion: The 1930’s – 40’s saw an explosion of antisemitic cartoons depicting Jews as ugly political manipulators:


Evil …

Image result for 1940's anti-Semitic cartoons about jews and money

and controlling global finance …

And today we are seeing a resurgence …

Image result for 1940's antisemitic cartoons

Like 1933-1945 …


Image result for 1940's antisemitic cartoons

never even happened.

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In the introduction to our study “Two Trains” we track anti-Semitic headlines by country beginning with the October 27, 2018 Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre here.