Iran’s Long Game, and Trump’s Too


Two opposing views:

Meet the Press “Because of what Donald Trump has done, we have put the Iranians in the driver’s seat to decide how to provoke us,” Senate Intelligence Committee member and presidential candidate says on .”

PJ Media: Iran’s recent attacks signal weakness and desperation, not strength and assurance — a situation Bennet is apparently unhappy with. As one of his Colorado constituents, I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised. I’ve followed Bennet for years, and he’s never struck me as being the sharpest penny in the pantry.

Iran only gains by raising tensions in the Strait, upping the price of oil. But actually closing the Strait would be political, if not national suicide. Most of the oil passing through Hormuz (about 11/17ths) is bound for the Straits of Malacca en route to China, Japan and Korea. If Tehran actually closed the Straits, by mining it for example, they would essentially be blockading China.

President Trump is wise to be “in no hurry” to confront Iran. On the other hand, I do wish he hadn’t just said that a strike wouldn’t have been “proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone.” That message tells Tehran exactly what they can get away with, when a little more strategic ambiguity might have been even wiser.  more …

Opinion: What a week. Japanese Oil tankers attacked. A US Drone blown out of the sky. 10 year bond yields crash. The US dollar crashes. Gold rises. Global stocks UP? What?

So did the very powerful US president blink at the last minute?

I have heard the right say he is being proportionate and compassionate. I have heard the left say he has trouble making decisions, and neither one quite fits.

Donald Trump’s list of accomplishments in 2.5 years is unparalleled. When was the last time you heard about ISIS or Terror attacks?. What about Jerusalem and the Golan in Israel’s control? When was the last time you head about an expansion of food stamps, or US citizens being unemployed? Indecisive? hardly.

  • If the presidents motive was be proportionate as the right says then Galatians 6:9 fits
  • If the president choked and was indecisive as the left says then Proverbs 29:2 fits

Time will tell, but I am with the president.