Rashida Tlaib to Bring Group of Congressmen to West Bank in August


JPost: Israeli officials should offer to meet US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib if she brings a small group of congressmen to the West Bank in August, on a trip she is planning to run concurrently with an AIPAC-backed trip for new representatives, Ron Klein, chairman of the Jewish Democratic Council of America, told The Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem Post has learned that senior government officials already held a meeting last month about how to handle a possible Tlaib trip if it comes to fruition.

According to a JTA report last month, the Palestinian-American representative from Michigan is planning a visit for US congressmen to the Palestinian territories from August 17-22. more …

Opinion: This should be quite a show. Rashida Tlaib, a second generation Arab will try to convince her colleagues that the name Palestinian has ancient roots in the city of David, despite the fact that her people will allow no excavation in the temple mount for fear the Biblical finds will prove the land to be Jewish.

The world is on her side, which is why the most anti-Semitic body in the world, the UN, continues to call the land occupied implying that Jews are taking Arab land. A better word, disputed, is not used for obvious reasons.

1967, the Six Day War: Israel captured Judea including East Jerusalem from Jordan in the 6 Day War. Since then Judea, or the highly inaccurate term West Bank, has been split into 3 principal areas:

Post 1967:

  • Area A – totally controlled by Arabs
  • Area B – controlled by Arabs but under Israeli security
  • Area C – totally controlled by Israel (East Jerusalem is annexed by Israel)

Other lands:

Israel also captured the Sinai, Gaza and Golan each of which, except the Golan, has been given to Arabs in exchange for peace that has never come.

What is left is the basis for prophetic wars since every effort for a peaceful resolution has been accepted by Israel and turned down by the Arabs.