PLO blocks West Bank Arabs leaving for a better life


Arutz Sheva: Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) – Saeb Erekat – has told a political symposium in Jericho that West Bank Arabs would not be allowed to voluntarily leave – virtually holding them captives against their will.

Erekat stated:

“We will not allow resettlement or formation of refugee committees for that aim, while holding on to the settlement of their cause in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions.”

If confirmed – ‘West Bank’ Arabs could well be prepared to voluntarily leave the West Bank in large numbers – especially if offered the opportunity to legally enter other Arab countries and receive financial assistance for rehousing and resettlement there. more …

Opinion: Whoa, Nellie, I sure didn’t see that coming. The $28.7 billion package is available to the political pawns in the West Bank. They have an out from the oppression of leaders who live like kings and have not stood for election since 2007. Brilliant.

If not for Bible prophecy I would be optimistic that the possibility of peace has come. Tens of millions of Arab families leave for neighboring Sunni Arab nations, the PA and Hamas governments collapse and the US, Israel and Sunni nations bring peace. Israel has her nation and everybody celebrates. Kumbaya.

Nice, but that’s not what is written. Prophecy indicates that two wars are to take place before the tribulation:

Psalm 83: 1-8 Israel’s Arab neighbors form a Sunni/Shia alliance to wipe out the Jewish state but fail. Israel is in a false peace (Ezekiel 38:11).

Ezekiel 38:1-6 In desperation over Israel’s vast wealth, Russia forms a second alliance. None of the Psalm 83 nations are mentioned. In what is the last prophesied war before the 7 year tribulation, God intervenes (Ez. 38:18-21) and a miraculous victory will convince the sons and daughters of Jacob to return to the land (Ez. 38:28).

And how curious that the only media outlet reporting Erekat’s incendiary statement was the Chinese newsagency Xinhua.