Pro-Third Temple Party Makes Move “Guaranteeing Spot in the Next Government”



BIN: Zehut, the only political party in Israel’s current election calling for the rebuilding of the Third Temple, has agreed to join forces with Former Education Minister and head of the ‘New Right’ party, Naftali Bennett reports Ynet.

Each party was just shy of the required mandates needed to pass Israel’s electoral threshold. However, running on a joint list should have them passing the four-seat minimum threshold required to enter the Knesset (parliament) with flying colors.

Although it is still not clear who will lead the party or what the make-up of the technical block will look like, each side has agreed to run together.  more …

Opinion:That the Zehut party will be part of the Knesset is a page out of Bible prophecy for the last days.

From the Institute website: “The Temple Institute is dedicated to every aspect of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, and the central role it fulfilled, and will once again fulfill, in the spiritual well being of both Israel and all the nations of the world.

The Institute’s work touches upon the history of the Holy Temple’s past, an understanding of the present day, and the Divine promise of Israel’s future. The Institute’s activities include education, research, and development.

The Temple Institute’s ultimate goal is to see Israel rebuild the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, in accord with the Biblical commandments.”

The third temple is ready, and guaranteed to happen:

  • Ez. 37:26-28
  • Ez. 40-43
  • Dan. 9:27
  • Micah 4:1-7
  • Zech. 6:12
  • Mat. 24:15
  • 2 Thess. 2:3-4
  • Rev. 11:1-2

Daniel 9:27 not only calls for a temple but animal sacrifices as well. At the midway point (3.5 years) of the tribulation, Antichrist will cancel animal sacrifice and from inside the third temple demand to be worshiped (abomination of desolation) as God. When the Jews reject him, the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7) begins.