Recent Headline News

Recent Headline News


Dems Forced To Apologize After Mock Assassination Of Trump Enacted At Fundraiser

The scene was photographed at a fundraiser for Democratic Illinois State Sen. Martin Sandoval. Read Article

Former Vice President Dick Cheney to Appear at Trump Fundraiser

There may not be any love between the Bush family and Trump, but President George W. Bush's former vice president apparently has no problem... Read Article

NYC Mayor’s Wife Nixes Popular Saint to Honor Drag Queens

Chirlane McCray, the mayor’s wife, launched a “She Built NYC” program and invited the public to vote on the names of women they want the city to recognize with a statue... Read Article

Klein: Dems Side with Rabid Antisemites over Israel

Unmentioned in the report is any talk of condemning Omar and Tlaib for their support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)... Read Article

Omar, Tlaib Share Antisemitic Cartoon by Participant in Iran’s Holocaust Denial Contest

The cartoon Omar and Tlaib reportedly shared shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his hand over Tlaib’s mouth... Read Article  

‘Anarchy and Chaos’: Violent Antifa Protests Break Out in Portland

Violent Antifa protests are breaking out in Portland, Oregon, following the pre-planned “End of Domestic Terrorism” event taking place in the city. Read Article  

Trump opens ‘third front’ against China with Taiwan fighter jet sale

The deal is expected to cover as many as 66 of the latest F-16V fighter jets, at a cost of roughly $8 billion. Read Article


US Treasury yields climb as recession fears ease

U.S. government debt yields climbed on Monday as a more positive market and economic outlook goaded investors back into riskier assets. Read Article

TECH COMPANIES IN FINANCIAL SERVICES: How Apple, Amazon, and Google are taking financial services by storm

Tech giants are set to grab up to 40% of the $1.35 trillion in US financial services revenue from investment banks Read Article

Dow futures to open higher as White House pushes back on recession fears

“I don’t think we’re having a recession,” Trump told reporters. “We’re doing tremendously well." Read  Article

Trump Administration Considering Issuance Of 50, 100-Year Treasuries

They need to do this in order to address a tidal wave of increased financing from budget deficits... Read Article

Stocks: U.S. Futures Extend Gains as Recession Fears Ease

By 6:50 AM ET, Dow futures were up 245 points, or 1.0% from late Thursday’s levels... Read Article

Powell Expected to Seek Another Cut Despite Strong Spending

“Prudent risk management would argue for a cut in September because of the downside risks from trade policy and a slowing global economy ... Read Article

30-year Treasury Rate Declines Below 2% For The First Time Ever

The historic drop in long-term U.S. bond yields comes shortly after interest rates on the closely watched 10-year and 2-year Treasurys inverted. Read Article


Turkey-Syria War On The Horizon: Airstrikes Target Invading Turkish Army Convoy

AFP observed 50 Turkish armed vehicles, including at least five tanks, traveling through Idlib which the Syrian government has condemned as an illegal breach... Read Article

Hamas warns situation in Gaza nears boiling point

Coastal enclave's rulers said to be concerned the rise in attempts to breach the border with Israel could lead to another Gaza war... Read Article

The Extinction of Christians in the Middle East

"Threats to pandas cause more emotion" than threats to the extinction of the Christians in the Middle East" Read Article

Protesting ‘violations’ on Temple Mount, Jordan summons Israeli ambassador

Jordan's Foreign Ministry says it delivered "decisive letter" in wake of recent clashes on Temple Mount, when Jewish and Muslim holidays coincided. Read Article

Islamic State claims bombing at Kabul wedding that killed 63

The local Islamic State affiliate claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack in the capital this year... Read Article

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to earlier rocket attack

Military says it struck two Hamas terror tunnels in northern and central Gaza after terrorists based in the coastal enclave fired rockets at Israeli communities Read Article

India, Turkey, Afghanistan on radar of resurgent Islamic State

India, Turkey, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka are among the new countries where the Islamic State (IS) terror group has found a footing... Read Article