Corporate Commies

“I can’t buy property. My child can’t go to a private school,” he said. “You feel you’re being controlled by the list all the time.”

Catholic Church Still Doesn’t Know What to Do With Priests Who Abuse Kids

Pope Francis has defined his papacy by three leftist objectives

FDA: Thousands of Deaths Linked to Puberty Blockers

Between 2013 and June 2019, FDA recorded 41,213 adverse events, including 6,379 deaths and 25,645 ...

Glenn Beck Makes The End Times Come To Life

Beck 9 minutes in: "you can now see how the mark of the beast happens ..."

Higher Committee of Human Fraternity unveils design for the Abrahamic Family House

In 2022 Abrahamic House, a monument to global religion, will open ...

Replay: Nancy Pelosi Impeachment Statement

What a difference a political party makes ...

Somali Mob Brutally Attacks Man in Omar’s District – ‘Little Mogadishu’

Violent crimes reportedly increased by 50 percent in 2018, and authorities attribute this rise to Somali gangs. Omar’s district has the highest rate of of terrorist recruits in the United States.

Pope urges world leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’

Evidently, this so called Vicar of Christ sees no need to preach the Gospel to a lost and dying world ...

Wow: Speaker at 9/11 Ceremony in New York Calls Out Ilhan Omar

"some people did something."