PT Global Economy

PT Global Economy

Trump Administration Considering Issuance Of 50, 100-Year Treasuries

They need to do this in order to address a tidal wave of increased financing from budget deficits... Read Article

Stocks: U.S. Futures Extend Gains as Recession Fears Ease

By 6:50 AM ET, Dow futures were up 245 points, or 1.0% from late Thursday’s levels... Read Article

Powell Expected to Seek Another Cut Despite Strong Spending

“Prudent risk management would argue for a cut in September because of the downside risks from trade policy and a slowing global economy ... Read...

30-year Treasury Rate Declines Below 2% For The First Time Ever

The historic drop in long-term U.S. bond yields comes shortly after interest rates on the closely watched 10-year and 2-year Treasurys inverted. Read Article

Hong Kong Activist Leader Calls For A Run On Chinese Banks Tomorrow

Arguing that large scale protests have only led to injuries and escalating police brutality, Haotian believes another method could be used... Read Article 

Surge in U.S. retail sales underscores economy’s resilience

The upbeat report from the Commerce Department on Thursday, however, will likely not change expectations that the Federal Reserve... Read Article

China Rejects Trump’s Tariff Olive Branch, Vows Imminent Retaliation Against US

One day after the Chinese press roundly mocked the Trump tariff delay as proof the US was losing the trade war... Read Article 

After the yield curve inverts — here’s how the stock market tends to perform...

However, history shows that an inversion, while not an upbeat sign about the coming state of the economy, doesn’t necessarily translate to a lasting...

Stocks – Wall Street Tumbles After Brief Yield Curve Inversion

"Historically the U.S. curve was always thought of as a recession signal and it remains to see if that's still the case," Read Article