PT Global Economy

PT Global Economy

Why Medicare for All could come with a 42% national sales tax

If you’re a Democrat who supports “Medicare for All,” pick your poison. Read Article

Shrinking Influence of Central Banks Ends Decades of Business as Usual

The Federal Reserve and other central banks have long been the unchallenged drivers of financial markets and the business cycle. “Don’t fight the Fed,”...

China’s GDP growth last year was the slowest since 1990, according to Reuters records.

Analysts polled by Reuters had expected China’s economy to have grown 6.1% in 2019, compared with 6.6% in 2018. Read Article

Merkel Inks Deal For Stalled German Coal Exit

Thanks to all that Russian gas? Read Article

Terrorism is costing the global economy $34 billion a year, research says

“Although the intensity of terrorism has diminished, its breadth has not,” the Australian-based think tank warned. Read Article

The last time this ‘clear danger sign’ flashed in the stock market was in...

“Chart of the Week,” should give investors cause for concern. Read Article

Trump signs ‘landmark’ China deal and says removal of tariffs will come in next...

Trump, joined at the White House by Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, called the deal “a landmark agreement” ... Read Article  

The Repo Market Is So Broken That The Fed Wants To Change It

Liquidity in the U.S. repo market dropped back in September, and the Fed was forced to step in for the first time since the...

Biden, Buttigieg, Steyer say they’re ready to challenge Trump on the U.S. economy

During Iowa debate, Joe Biden says: ‘With regard to the economy, I can hardly wait to have that debate with him’ Read Article