World leaders converge on Jerusalem for the 5th World Holocaust Forum

The gathering of world leaders in Jerusalem this week to mark 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz... Read Article

ERICKSON: Why Are We Still There? When Do We Leave?

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Growing Hamas-Iran ties spark concern in Egypt

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's visit to Tehran to attend the funeral of  Gen. Qassem Soleimani damaged both Egypt's security interests and its national honor... Read...

Britain adds all of Hezbollah to list of terrorist organizations

Britain's finance ministry adds entire Hezbollah organization, including military wing, to its list of terrorist groups. Read Article

Hundreds of Arabs Riot on Temple Mount on Hamas, Fatah Orders

rioters came out of the prayer yelling “There is no God but Allah,” “Jews, the al-Aqsa army returns,” and “With spirit and blood, we...

Finnish Media Lies About Politician Arrested After Cutting Gaza Security Fence

The illegal attempt would have opened the border making it easier for Hamas terrorists to infiltrate and kill Israeli citizens. Read Article

Pentagon Confirms ISIS Resurgent In Libya At Moment Turkey Transfers 2,000 Syrian Fighters

This might come as a surprise to the broader American public and a mainstream media which has largely ignored recent escalating events in Libya, but...

On Anniversary of Ancient Egypt Feeding Israelites During Famine: Israel ‘Returns Favor’ with Natural...

Jews around the world read the section of the Torah relating how Joseph brought all his brothers and their families to live in Goshen,...

Rouhani says Iran enriching more uranium than before nuclear deal

Islamic Republic president says his government working to prevent confrontation or war, dialogue with world powers difficult but ‘possible’ Read Article