Bennett Warned EU Ambassadors He Would Demolish their Illegal Construction in Area C

Bennett said that the defense establishment intends to demolish any illegal construction which are under full Israeli control... Read Article

Why Is Trump Doubling Down on the Threat of War Against Iran?

Trump has been losing interest in the Middle East, but his State Department is still committed to a campaign of “maximum pressure” to isolate...

Report: Satellite images suggest Iran stockpiling missile arsenal in Syria

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European Powers and Iran Set for Tense Meeting on Future of Nuclear Deal

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Defiant Iran declares it will not halt ballistic missile development

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“The Dark-Eyed [Virgins] yearn for me” – Martyrdom-death promoted on PA TV children’s program

”The blood of the Martyrs flows in my veins… My sword is drawn and won’t return to the sheath… the Dark-Eyed yearn for...

U.S Navy Raids Ship Smuggling Missiles from Iran to Yemen

The vessel carrying a dissembled part for anti-ship cruise missiles, land-attack cruise missiles, air-defense missiles and anti-tank missiles... Read Article

France, Germany, UK: Iran has nuclear-capable missiles

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Trump and Netanyahu confirm US-Israel military coordination against threatened Iranian attack

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